Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Rainy Scene in Tokyo

I’m scared to death to take my NEX-7 in the rain. I know pro bodies like the Nikon D4 can take it with no problem, but I am very worried. I never had a problem with my D800 (which one can say is NOT a pro body), but I did have a problem when I dropped my D800 one time. It wasn’t really a pro-body either, although I never had trouble with it in low-light conditions. This is something I always hear about mid-tier cameras that are not “pro” with proper weather sealing. Have you ever had trouble with it, or is it just an empty threat?
I stayed here one afternoon for a short bit in the shade. I really liked how everything was wet and the background was a clean white with complex lines all over the place. It’s hard to explain why I liked the feel of this place — I just did. Part of it was that I like the wet, reflective ground without actually needing to stay in the rain. I love a good rain shot, but I hate standing in the rain! I feel like my mom is always telling me to get out of the rain or I will catch a cold!

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